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Anonymous: Christ you are incredibly beautiful x

oh, thank you so much xx. 

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wednesday night consisting of cups of tea and marathoning black books with my brother. 


Havin’ a smoke & chillin’ with my babe.
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The perfect sunset to end the day.

oh my god that view

cannot emphasize how perf this is
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“Why are all my flowers dead, I gave them water to help them live.
I hooked them up to iv bags and performed blood transfusions with my own liquids.
It’s as if they were in a head on collision, in a 12 car pile up on a highway in August. As if they laid upon the asphalt in the sun, withering to the bone, they pass.
Why are all my flowers dead.”

19k notes eh. I havent realized how many notes this thing has gotten. thanks for the recognition, now if only galleries would do the same. 

are you talking about people, but using flowers instead bc if you are this just got 309% better and it was already perfect!
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